List of Registered Members

Below is the official member list of the Holy Trinity Badminton Club.  If you don't see your name immediately after registering, no worries, it just means that your registration has not been processed yet.  However, if you don't see your name after 24 hours, please register again.

Skill Level Reference
Level 1 – Recreational Beginner (I'm more interested in rallying than playing games)
Level 2 – Recreational Intermediate (playing for 2 to 4 years, I know the rules, and determined to get better)
Level 3 – Recreational Advanced (playing 5+ years, and have not figured out the elusive backhand clear yet)
Level 4 – Trained and Competitive (I play to win, so I eat raw eggs and intermediate players for breakfast)
Level 5 – Trained and Ranked (my advanced jedi training helps me feel the shuttle while blind-folded)
Level 99 - Coreyed and Hummed (people cower, tremble, then cry when I step onto the court with them)