Everyone has questions and we would be more than happy to answer all of your questions. If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us at HolyTrinity@odba.ca.  In an effort to save time, don't forget to check the FAQ to see if your question has already been answered.

General Questions

What is HTBC's guest policy?

Guests are allowed to come play at HTBC if they are a friend of a current member.  Before coming, guests are required to fill out an online guest registration form and must arrive with a current member of the club.  There is a $10 guest fee to be paid before playing.  HTBC also reserves the right to reject guests upon arrival as current members have priority of play.  For more information, please visit our Guest Policy page.

What are the court rules?

Games are 15 minutes in length and are created by our game master.  We ask that all members who are not playing to stay off of the courts when they are in play to avoid injuries.  Our play system and courts rules can be found by visiting our Play System page.

Are there any volunteering opportunities?

Yes, club members which are in high school can apply as an Operations volunteer:
Operations: open club, operating the game board play system, and closing club
Only responsible and mature high school students will be accepted.  Each volunteer is eligible up to 5 high school volunteer community hours per Sunday.

Do you have any activities (ie. tournaments)?

Yes we do have activity days!  Past events that we have hosted include Picture Day, Li-Ning product demo days, and our Christmas and end-of-year party.  This year we hope to bring them back as well as introduce new and exciting events to make your experience at HTBC better than ever!

Is there any safety precautions needed?

Safety goggles are highly recommended for members under the age of 18.  Please use indoor non-marking shoes when playing.  Lastly, please do not walk on and through the badminton courts when they are in play.

Where else can I play?

Here are some websites: 

New Members Questions

Who can join? Are there any age constraints? Who can I play with?

Everyone is allowed to purchase a membership, there are no age constraints or skill restraints.  What this means is that parents and children can join together.

Is there an organized play system to control who uses the courts?

Yes, there will be a tag system and games will be organized to 15 minutes intervals. Each player and guest will have a tag, containing their name, level, and gender. The game master will arrange the tags onto a map of the gym, indicating which court each member is to play. The games will be arranged to optimize fairness and accommodate desirable games.

How many courts are there? 

The contract we have signed with OCSB is for 6 courts in the cafetorium.  The wooden floor gym , also known as the Twister Dome, contains an additional 6 courts in a pattern of 4 vertically and 2 horizontally.  The courts in the Twister Dome are primarily used for Corey's Coaching Program.

Are there family memberships?

No, we do not offer family memberships.

Do I have to buy a full year membership?

Yes, we are not offering winter or spring memberships anymore. Please have fun and play!

Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

No, we are not allowing membership transfers.  All players are required to have a membership or a guest registration application completed and accepted by our executive committee.

What is the refund policy?

The club operates with a no refund policy and no membership transfer policy.  Please find or make the time to come and get some exercise, make some new friends, socialize, and improve you well-being.

Can I pay by cash, cheque, credit card, or e-transfer?

We accept cash, cheque, credit card, and e-transfers.  We don't have a payment preference.  If you wish to pay by cheque, please write it to Holy Trinity Badminton Club.  Please email us for the mailing address.

Can I get a receipt for my membership purchase?

Yes.  We provide receipts for every member in PDF format.  All receipts will be sent electronically via email.  For more information, please contact us at HolyTrinity@odba.ca.

Current Members Questions

What should I bring?

Before coming to HTBC, please bring a change of clothes, a racquet, a pair of indoor non-marking shoes, and most importantly - yourself!

Can I bring food into the gym?

Yes, you can bring food. However please be careful of where you eat (ie: not on the courts!) and make sure to clean up after yourself!

Can I buy food?

Food CANNOT be purchased at the Holy Trinity Badminton Club.  However, there are restaurants in the surrounding area that are within walking and driving distance.

Does the Holy Trinity Badminton Club supply birds?

Yes, the club supplies yellow Yonex Mavis 300 Medium speed plastic shuttles. And, members are allowed to bring their own shuttles if they don't wish to use the Yonex Mavis 300.

Do you offer other equipment such as goggles and racquets?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any equipment except for the nets and birds.  Please bring your own racquets, goggles, clothing, and shoes to play in.

Do you sell badminton equipment?

Yes, we sell badminton equipment!  For more information and to order, please visit our Shopping page.

Coaching Questions

Are there any lessons?

Yes, we offer Corey's coaching (available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes).

Are there coaching opportunities?

Coaching opportunities exist!  All players who would like to assist in our coaching classes are required to send in an application for the position and the qualified candidates will be interviewed.  Please contact Corey (corey.hum@odba.ca) if you are interested.

Ask us a Question

if you have questions, concerns, or comments, please don't hesitate to email us at HolyTrinity@odba.ca