About Holy Trinity Badminton Club
In the 2008-2009 season, ODBA started a Sunday Drop-in program using funding provided by the Trillium Fund. Unfortunately, in the 2011-2012 season, the funding ran out.

The program provided the badminton needs in the Kanata and Ottawa area, for a badminton club which could cater to all levels. With funding having run out, the drop-in program's existence was in jeopardy.

So, in the 2012-2013 season, Mike Tran and Eugene Lee, stepped up to continue the program as the Holy Trinity Badminton Club.

The Holy Trinity Badminton Club continues to grow and evolve each year.  The Basic program membership reaches capacity and coaching classes are filled often early in the season. HTBC stands by the strong belief that all demographics - regardless of age, gender, culture, or skill level - should have the opportunity to play badminton.

This season (2018-2019) we plan on continuing to: train juniors in Corey's Coaching Class; offer social and family play in the Basic Membership; and, train highly competitive players in Alan's Boot-minton Camp.  We believe in using some of the revenue generated to donate to good causes - locally and/or non-profit research.

We look forward to another wonderful season and welcome all of the new members joining for the first time!

Club Management

Co-President: Eugene Lee is a former president of the Carleton University Badminton Club, and former Vice President of ODBA, is a head organizer of ODBA tournaments, and assists the Bell High School badminton team.  Eugene will be in charge of the Business Administration, Website Development, Accounting, and overall direction of the club.  Eugene can be contacted via email at eugene.lee@odba.ca

Primary Racquet: Black Knight PCV65
Handedness: right-handed
Training: none
Current Club(s): HTBC
Favourite Shot: Drop Shot Fake followed by a Reverse Cross Court Net Shot
Co-President: Mike Tran is a competitive badminton player on the provincial level, former ODBA Senior Development Board of Directors, is a former head organizer of ODBA tournaments, and is a former member of the Ottawa U Badminton Team.  Mike Tran will be in charge of the Operations and Policy Making.  Mike Tran can be contacted via email at mike.tran@odba.ca

Primary Racquet: Yonex Arc Saber Z-Slash, Yonex Voltric 80, Yonex 800 Offensive
Handedness: Right handed
Training: SBA Competitive Training
Current Club(s): HTBC, and RABC
Favourite shot: Jumping Triple Axel Backhand Smash!
Vice-President: Vu Dao is the Ottawa District 2012-2013 C-Level Men's Doubles Finalist, former coach of the A.Y. Jackson High School Badminton Team, one of the tournament organizers of the Ottawa District Junior Badminton Championships, and former member of the University of Ottawa badminton team.  Vu will be in charge of strategic partnerships and marketing for HTBC, and he will also assist in overseeing day-to-day operations.  Vu can be contacted at vu@odba.ca

Primary Racquet: Victor Jetspeed 12, Victor Bravesword LYD
Handedness: right-handed
Training: none
Current Club(s): HTBC, Laurentian
Favorite Shot: The "How did I do that?!" Surprise Shot

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Corey Hum is an NCCP Level 2 coach and has competed at the provincial and national level.  Corey continues to dominate in the Ottawa District A Level tournaments. Corey has experience coaching the high performance program at the Kanata Junior Badminton Club.  Corey will be responsible for running the beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. Corey can be contacted at corey.hum@odba.ca

Primary Racquet: RSL Millennium Diamond X1
Secondary Racquet(s): none
Handedness: left-handed
Training: Soong Badminton for 5 years then went to RA Centre
Current Club(s): RABC and HTBC
Favourite Shot: The I'm-Not-A-Rightie Payback Shot
Coach: YiYang Jiang
Coach: Silvesta Ng
Coach: Nia Patel
Coach: Giulian De La Merced
Coach: Alan Fok
Coach: William Fang

Environmentally Responsible Club

At Holy Trinity Badminton Club, we strive to be environmentally responsible too.  We reduce waste by encouraging paperless registration by  requesting our members register online.  Also, we don't print posters or newsletters on paper - we send our communications by email.

And, our proudest achievement is recycling 90% of our plastic shuttles by reusing them from our basic program to the coachin
g program.  Not until the shuttles are falling apart do we prepare them for the garbage.

Our next goal is come up with a better way of reusing broken badminton rackets.